Oak Refectory Tables

An integral part of history, ‘The Oak Refectory Table’ is a simple design and originated from old monasteries during the medieval period.

Used for banqueting and feasting, the table was an important part of everyday life in great halls and castles across the land. It was their practicality which made them so popular, of course.

With their simple yet elegant design, each table could be added to the next as needed then stored without fuss by removing the pegs that hold them together.

With their stunning natural charisma and deeply polished surfaces from years of pagination and polished, our reclaimed wood tables bear the hall-marks of history and an authenticity which can only be found in mature wood that has been salvaged and worked with the utmost care.

Here at our workshops we continue to use the traditions of the past and incorporate authentic design details such as Bulbous Turnings, originally made famous during the 17th Century Elizabethan period and apply them with skill and passion.

A hand worked top creates a aged atmosphere and applying carved scroll friezes gives a whisper of detail but not too much to take away the overall true appearance of the table.

And there’s no need to worry about spillages – our Oak tables are as hard-wearing as they are well-built and this just adds more pagination and a story to tell.